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Chef Kathy Fang
Pasta Shells with Ricotta and Leftover Turkey Bolognese

Pasta Shells with Ricotta and Leftover Turkey Bolognese

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When I make pasta sauces/meat sauces, I always make sure to prepare a large batch and freeze the extras. That way you can use the extra sauce at a later date. You defrost the sauce overnight and reheat it in a pot and use it on various dishes. Making pasta sauces is a labor of love and takes time. So when you feel like having something hearty like that, it’s good to know that you have some stored for days when you don’t want to go through hours of prepping a sauce. The options with leftover pasta sauce is limitless. You can make dishes like spaghetti with meat sauce or lasagna or baked ziti or drizzle them over pasta shells filled with ricotta or dress up gnocchi with it and bake it with some cheese, even spread it on toasted baguettes. Here is one super easy dish to make that looks impressive but takes less than 20 minutes to make if you got some extra meat sauce laying around:) What’s great about this dish is that you don’t even need to heat the sauce in the pan. All you need is to boil pasta and pop the dish in a microwave. Easy right?!?

Pasta Shells with Ricotta and Left Over Turkey Bolognase

Ingredients: Serves 2
2 cups of extra or leftover meat sauce (you can find my turkey bolognese on my blog by searching turkey bolognese)
14-16 pieces of large pasta shells
6 oz of fresh ricotta
1 teaspoon of dried oregano
1 teaspoon dried basil
olive oil for drizzling
salt and pepper for seasoning

1. Boil your pasta shells in boiling water with some salt in the water
2. Once the shells are al dente remove and drain
3. Run the pasta under cold water for 5 seconds.
4. This is only to cool the pasta down a bit so you can handle them with your hands
5. Set the pasta aside be sure to pour out any excess water in the shell
6. Mix the ricotta with 1 teaspoon of olive oil, pinch of salt and a few cracks of fresh pepper
7. Then add your fried herbs and mix
8. FIll your shells with the ricotta.

pasta shell 3.jpg

9. Drizzle your defrosted pasta sauce on top (turkey bolognase in my case)

pasta shell 5.jpg

10.. Drizzle olive oil on top. You can pop this dish in the fridge and heat up when you are ready to eat or make a plate for your honey when he/she gets home. If you want to enjoy right away, pop the dish in the microwave and heat for 3-5 minutes depending on how powerful your microwave is. Mine takes about 5 minutes to heat through completely.
11. Remove and enjoy!!!!

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