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Chef Kathy Fang
5 Minute Healthy Snack!

5 Minute Healthy Snack!

I created this snack after I started craving a bagel with cream cheese a few weeks back. One of my favorite guilty pleasures is a toasted bagel with cream cheese, sliced tomatoes, cucumbers, salt and pepper with olive oil. There's something about this combination that is just perfect. While it may sound healthy, it's a bit heavy on the carbs when you eat the whole bagel. It's a decent sized snack if you know what I mean. So I decided I'll make a version of it, that satisfies the flavors I get from a bagel sandwich minus the bagel.

Multigrain Crisp with Cream Cheese and Tomato Cucumber Salad


2 pieces Whole Grain Crisp Bread from Trader Joe's

2 teaspoon low fat whipped cream cheese

1 cup of diced tomatoes mixed with persian cucumbers

1 teaspoon olive oil

pinch of oregano

salt and pepper to taste

1 tsp balsamic glaze 


1. I swapped out the bagel for Whole Grain Crisp Bread from Trader Joe's.

It's thin, packed with healthy seeds and grains. It cuts down the carbs and includes some healthy grains in there which gives you a nice boost for a snack.

2. Swap out regular cream cheese for low fat whipped cream cheese, cuts down on the fat and tastes just as good. Spread that on generously

3. Diced up my cucumbers and tomatoes and tossed it in olive oil, oregano, salt and pepper

4. Top it off with the cucumber tomato salad and drizzle some balsamic glaze

5. Dig in!!!! This is not only satisfying but also good for you:)




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