Welcome to my site. Here you will find exciting mashups of my very own recipes for the everyday home cook. I draw influences from my days working as an Executive Chef at my own Chinese restaurant in Downtown San Francisco, as well as inspiration from various cuisines I experience from all my travels. 


Chef Kathy Fang
Taiwanese Breakfast Wrap aka "Dan Bing" with a Twist

Taiwanese Breakfast Wrap aka "Dan Bing" with a Twist

Dan Bing is essentially like  burrito except made with an egg crepe instead of a tortilla. This super popular Taiwanese breakfast is found mostly on the streets and can is rolled up into a perfect breakfast item eaten with your hands on the go. Inside, they add various types of meats, spreads/sauces, aromatics, and sometimes even crispy fried pastries like Chinese Youtiao aka Chinese savory donuts or crispy fried wonton strips for added texture and crunch or minced pickled veggies. 

Dan Bing however, are not common here in the states and certainly not something we can just pick up on our way to work. For days when I'm craving those flavors though, I found a hack to make a "remixed" version of Dan Bing using some common ingredients we have in our pantry with the exception of one item that I wouldn't say most people would have but can easily be substituted for something else. Instead of the egg crepe, I used Low Carb Tortilla which I always have on hand or is easy to find at any supermarket no matter where you are. And I rolled it up with cucumbers, cooked eggs, pork floss and some hoisin sauce. If you don't have pork floss on hand :) use sliced ham or even turkey. Hoisin or plum sauce however I would suggest you get from the Asian Section of the supermarket. This thick caramelized sauce has a beautiful sweet savory umami flavor which stores for very long periods of time and can be used for all sorts of dishes. Keep it in your pantry like you do with soy sauce (trust me)


While this dish isn't quite a Dan Bing, it does have some of the flavors you would get from a Dan Bing and works as an excellent breakfast on the go!!!!

Taiwanese Breakfast Wrap aka "Dan Bing" with a Twist

Serves 1          Time: 5 minutes


1 low carb tortilla

1 whole raw egg 

2 tablespoon pork floss or a small handful of sliced ham

1 teaspoon hoisin sauce

1 teaspoon siracha if you like spicy

handful of sliced cucumbers



1. Heat a non-stick pan with a touch of avocado oil or your choice of oil

2. Place your tortilla on the pan and move the tortilla in circles to sop up that little bit of oil

3. Keep heat on high and crack the egg directly on top of the tortilla. Use a spatula and gently break the yolk and spread the egg carefully out towards the edges of the tortilla. Be sure to cover the tortilla with some of the cracked egg mixture so it's even.

4. Turn the heat down to low now and cover with a lid.

5. Slice your cucumbers and ham now

6. After 2 minutes, the egg should start to set and be almost fully cooked. Now add your pork floss or ham in the middle of the tortilla along with cucumbers.

7. Drizzle the hoisin along the ham and the siracha as well.

8. Turn the heat up to high now and using your spatula fold up the right side of the tortilla, over the center filling. Press down!

9. Now using your spatula, fold the left side over the middle, over the right side of the tortilla. Flip the whole thing over to seal and cook by pressing down with your spatula after it's been flipped over.

10. Cook for another 30 seconds and then remove. Slice in half and enjoy!!!

Crispy Exterior with nicely cooked thin layer of egg inside, flavorful pork and crunchy cucumbers

Crispy Exterior with nicely cooked thin layer of egg inside, flavorful pork and crunchy cucumbers

Perfect bite

Perfect bite

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